13214543_10153392687290566_868422254_oBandade was fortunate enough to interview Mike Hughes of Yung Elvis about music, life, and Philly before their show this coming Monday night at Bourbon & Branch. Check it out below:

Yung Elvis is new to the Philly music scene, how would you describe the style of music you all play?

I guess I would broadly call Yung Elvis melodic-pop, guitar oriented rock n roll. In my own musical taste I appreciate simplicity and accessibility and I envy artists through time who write incredible songs with the most basic elements. I like the devil may care attitude of rock n roll that doesn’t exist in real life. I like efficiency but at the same time also like gratuitous guitar solos. Lately I have been trying to learn a lot of Joe Walsh/Don Felder solos from the Eagles records. I dunno I consume a lot of different music and then regurgitate it whichever way it comes out. I have no allegiance to one genre of rock and I hope that’s reflected in the music.

Though new to the scene, you have been playing music for a while. What are some previous projects the Yung Elvis members have been involved in?

I had a band in college a few years ago with my now fiancé Alex called Church Mice. My brother Ryan was also in that. He’s been in every project of mine since we learned to play. Brendan who is playing guitar in Yung Elvis is an audio engineer and has been helping me record these songs for the past year now. Jam, who is on the 3rd guitar also has his own project called Windy Bangs, who self released a record last year.

When were you inspired to become a musician and what does music mean to you?

I started playing music when I was 13. My mom is a musician and sang and played guitar in country bands for years. She learned at 6 and she tried teaching me guitar when I was 6 but I was not into it at all. PlayStation was more fun at the time. But freshman year of high school came around and I had a eureka moment when I noticed the girls started paying attention to the guitar players… so I had to learn “Good riddance (time of your life)” immediately. But I forged a lot of lasting friendships playing green day and AC/DC in my mom’s  basement.

My mom still writes and records and it’s still an enormous part of our family dynamic. She constantly played a ton of county artists like Merle Haggard and George Jones. I really disliked it growing up but now I have a new found appreciation for it.

How does the Bandade cause, fighting for cancer research, resonate with you personally?

My father died of cancer when I was 19. Cancer has caused an unspeakable amount of pain in not just my life but certainly almost everyone’s at some point. Music and art has helped me deal with those emotions and I think it’s great that Bandade ties the business side of music into that and utilizes it for a worthy cause.

I understand that Yung Elvis will be releasing a new EP in the near future. When will it be available and where can we get it?

Hopefully by June we can get it out on Bandcamp.

Finally, what is your favorite bar in Phildaelphia?

It’s hard to pick a favorite, but probably Loco Pez. Also Fishtown Tavern, JB’s, bob and Barbara’s.

See Yung Elvis perform this Monday, May 16th, at Bourbon & Branch. Tickets here

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