We had an incredible time last Saturday night hosting The Chris Paterno Band, Brian Fitzy, and The Novel Ideas at MilkBoy (more photos below).

Brian Fitzy, looping extraordinaire,  kicked off the evening with a one-man set of epic proportions. With an electric violin, guitar, and pedal system, Brian created the effect of a full, five piece band. His upbeat, fun instrumentation (and beat-boxing) demanded the crowd dance and take notice. He then rounded out his set with a few mind-blowing violin solos.

Next up was The Chirs Paterno Band, what a treat. New to the Philadelphia music scene, this band wraps soul, pop, and funk into one dance-able package. Chris Paterno led the group with wild, awesome, distinguishable vocals, while the horn section kept everyone grooving. These guys are playing shows all summer, you do not want to miss them. Also, they will be releasing a new EP soon.

Finally, The Novel Ideas trekked all the way from Boston to benefit cancer research for one night in Philly. We were so honored to have them. Their evocative, emotive lyrics really set the tone for the evening. The harmonies, pedal steel, and raging acoustics made us believe every word they sung.

Miss this show? That’s alright, get your tickets for tonight’s benefit show at MilkBoy right here!

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